Changeling, a novel – what constitutes a worthwhile life when all your world assumptions crumble?

Media reviews for Changeling

‘For a debut, Changeling comes with serious credentials. And this startling, original work of fiction deserves them…Diem, whose moving first novel is nothing short of accomplished…’
Paula Shields, Irish Examiner Weekend.

‘A startling and thought-provoking viewpoint, not only on disability but on life, the universe and everything.’
Roberta Grey, Sunday Tribune.

‘The book has amazing depth of detail…What stands out is the emotional core…an honesty and reality to the characters that the reader can identify with…’
Leslie Ann Horgan, Critics Choices, Ireland on Sunday.

‘…the language of the book is very descriptive and beautiful but extraordinarily weird…her imagination is brilliant.’
Ger Harrahill, Woman’s Way.

‘…a complex and inspiring novel… a book we can all learn from…She’s working on a second novel, which is bound to be eagerly awaited.’
Frances Cashman, Insight magazine.

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