The slip





Everything turns over, falls apart and away –

a ticket, a destination, a language     each finding an anchor without hold

I lost my language today and half my vision     flickering on and off     repeatedly

and every time it comes back     you’re further away     I’m hanging around airports

in search of new lands     only the flight board’s indecipherable and the codes are tickering

saccades faster than the eye can see     and the ticket sellers     are growing increasingly

mistrustful and angry because no one can understand     what I’m saying     And you

look at me mystified     with the world spinning gently in the palm of your hand

as you stand with your flight     all arranged     out of here     and me going nowhere –

under a roof that rests on walls      only because its wants to fall     and I’m staring

at these meaningless coins     falling from my palm.     Halved between two selves –

one falling apart and the other unchanging     with eyes that are dying to shut

or to see     and waving you off     at the terminus     with nothing to say

and it took me so long     to find you






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